Download the latest stable version of Slurm®

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sha1: ce9191b8699c15904198a608f2566ab16c79b577

md5: 94fb13b509d23fcf9733018d6c961ca9
sha1: 42f0a5dbe34210283f474328ac6e8d5267dc2386

Download the latest development version of Slurm

md5: 46b97db1a5ff46b77614895b80d6e6aa
sha1: 8c0f1171a553f75442630b6c1749882c71b004fb

Get Commercial Support

The Slurm developers at SchedMD® provide commercial support at competitive prices.

Git Repository

You can obtain the latest bleeding-edge SchedMD source code by anonymous Git access.

git clone git://

For more information about using Git, including tutorials and guides to help you get started, see the Git documentation page.

If you have questions or experience problems, please contact us.


GNU General Public License (GPL) V2

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