Commercial Support by SchedMD®

Request Slurm support pricing at or +1-925-695-7782

SchedMD manages the active development of Slurm, following these standards.

  • SchedMD provides support for the two latest versions of Slurm. New versions of Slurm are released on a 9 month cycle.
  • Bug fixes are provided for the current major release of Slurm. Maintenance releases are made available on an approximately monthly cycle.
  • Significant bug fixes and security fixes are available for the current and one previous release.
  • Changes that would introduce new functionality or alter the existing behavior are made available with the next major release.
  • An upgrade path will be provided from either of the two previous versions. You can read more about the upgrade process in our Quick Start Administrator Guide

SchedMD only provides Level III commercial support for Slurm®.

SchedMD defines support at three different levels:

  • Level I Support includes activities performed in response to an initial notification or awareness of a suspected problem. Required actions are:

    1. Problem and/or bug validation as a Slurm related issue;
    2. Review of a symptoms/solutions database for known resolutions;
    3. Research to determine whether problem already exists and is reported in a Slurm issue tracking database;
    4. Logging of validated problems into the issue tracking database hosted by contractor;
    5. Ensuring that the issue tracking entry provides a complete and well-described report of the problem including the assigned level of support working on the problem and its severity;
    6. Follow-up interactions with the reporter of the problem and best efforts to achieve its resolution.
  • Level II Support includes activities performed following the completion of Level I support activities if resolution is not achieved during Level I support. Required actions are:

    1. Make best efforts to reproduce and diagnose the problem;
    2. Make best efforts to resolve or reduce severity of the problems by introducing a work-around, patch or code correction;
    3. Validate any fixes made by conducting regression testing; and
    4. Communicate steps of action or resolution along with any code changes and testing results in the issue-tracking database hosted by contractor.
  • Level III Support includes activities following the completion of activities from Level I and II support without successful resolution of the problem. Required actions are:

    1. Supply successful problem resolution where problem is reproducible;
    2. Validate any fixes made by conducting regression testing;
    3. Develop additional test cases, where applicable, as a result of discovery of root cause;
    4. Communicate steps of action or resolution along with any code changes and testing results in the issue tracking database hosted by Contractor; and
    5. Submit final resolution to the customer and include in the Slurm tree.

Customer Severity Levels

When submitting a request for support there are four severity levels exclusively available to SchedMD customers. Please note that the severity levels assigned to a ticket must align with the following descriptions.

  • Severity 1 — Major Impact

    There is a continued system outage that affects a large number of end users. The system is down or unusable due to Slurm problem(s) and no procedural workaround exists.
  • Severity 2 — High Impact

    There is a high-impact problem that is causing sporadic outages or severe system degradation. It is consistently encountered by end users with adverse impact to end user interaction with the system.
  • Severity 3 — Medium Impact

    A medium-to-large impact problem that includes partial, non-critical loss of system access or which impairs some operations on the system but allows the end user to continue to function on the system with workarounds.
  • Severity 4 — Minor Issues

    A minor issue with limited or no loss in functionality within the customer environment. This should be used for configuration questions or when working with a test system. Severity 4 issues may also be used for recommendations for future product enhancements or modifications.

NOTE: The impact an issue has to your site will be taken into consideration, but should be explained in the ticket commenting system.

Additional Severity Levels

  • Severity 5 — Enhancements

    A request for enhancement. Slurm is currently working as intended, but there is a potential to improve behavior by adding or modifying functionality. These requests will be evaluated for inclusion at some future date. Without explicit development sponsorship there is no commitment by SchedMD to address these.
  • Severity C — Contributions

    An external patch submission from the Slurm community. Please see, which is distributed with the Slurm source, for further details on the patch submission process.
  • Severity 6 — No support contract

    The "Severity 6 — No support contract" severity level will be automatically set on submissions from non-SchedMD customers, and will generally not receive attention from SchedMD developers.
Request Slurm support pricing at or +1-925-695-7782